IoT – have we thought it all through?

This week I read a few articles on Internet Of Things. The first could go for an advertisement, explaining all the benefits IoT could have. In special related to the industry. Then it’s called IIoT. The article, well actually it was a series, covered the spectrum from possibilities from robotarms to help the bartender pour liquor in the right amount (seriously!) to the automatization of factories to meet individual needs in mass production. Sounds great.

The second article was about a research on the subject of security of devices that are equipped with IoT features. Their findings where disturbing. Camera’s on televisions where easily hacked so that others could look into your living room. Big Brother is watching you. The world on its head. And you are probably familiar with the stories of your computer being captured by criminals that demand a ransom? Picture yourself in that situation with a self-driving car…

Obviously Internet Of Things brings great opportunities. But have we thought enough about the risks? And if we have thought enough about the risks, are we prepared?

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