IEI Releases New Book on Key Trends Driving Change in the Electric Power Industry

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The Institute for Electric Innovation (IEI) released a new book today (6/14), Thought Leaders Speak Out: Key Trends Driving Change in the Electric Power Industry, featuring 12 essays by electric power company, technology, and policy thought leaders focused on the key trends driving the transformation of the electric power industry today. The book is the second volume of IEI’s Key Trends Driving Change in the Electric Power Industry series, with many of its essays drawn from IEI’s most recent Powering the People summit. The book was released during the Edison Electric Institute’s annual convention in Chicago.

“The electric power sector is undergoing a period of tremendous transformation,” said the book’s editor and Edison Foundation Vice President and Institute for Electric Innovation Executive Director, Lisa Wood. “This new book examines some of the drivers of the change underway in the industry – the need to collaborate and innovate with customers nimbly and creatively; to lead in the application of smart storage; and to look beyond traditional electricity service boundaries toward smarter cities. Taken together, these new trends show how the smart grid is a critical building block to more innovation with customers, with communities, and with technology.”

Innovating with Customers: Offering innovative customer solutions is the new normal in the energy industry. From large corporate buyers with sustainability goals, to small customers who want specific types of energy services, to military bases and the communities that support them, electric companies are offering their customers more individualized services and innovative solutions than ever before.

Smart Storage, Smart Cities, Smarter Grid: Society is demanding a clean, sustainable energy economy. The smart grid is the backbone of this new economy, enabling the integration of all sorts of new technologies that permit cities to utilize data and technology solutions to drive efficiencies, increase sustainability, enhance customer participation, and improve community life. Additionally, energy storage will play a large role in the evolving smart grid by enabling greater and more efficient use of renewable energy, among many other uses.

Energy Future: The path to the future is never quite clear, but we know that our society and our economy are more dependent than ever on electricity, and our customers want safe, reliable, increasingly clean, and affordable energy. Our energy future will require more collaboration with technology companies to innovate and bring customers the services they want.

Below are excerpts from several of the essays in the book:

“The electric power industry has begun a remarkable era of self-reinvention … All of us in the energy arena need to work together as never before to build a system that benefits all customers. It’s imperative that we get this right.”
– Edison International President Pedro J. Pizarro

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