The energy transition: energy is not longer a fuel, but a technique

The sentence in the title of this article is borrowed from the article “sunny side up…” .

There are two statements in the article that I would like to emphasize: 1) energy is not longer a fuel but a technique. This first statement implies that there is no longer scarcity of energy, which means that holding on to energy resources like oil and therewith managing the supply is not longer an influence on the price of energy. Making economy of scale the most logical line of strategy for every energy suplier. In this line of thinking energy suppliers like ENGIE and E.on made a wrong bet in installing new coal power plants in the last two years. It also explaines the changing strategy from the OPEC two years back in where they no longer aimed to controle the prizes of the oil by managing the supply, but started selling more quantities of oil for lower prices.

With this economy of scale in the supply of energy, there needs to be no limit to our demand. Would it not even be better to stimulate the energy use? So that further innovations and developments on the techniques for solar power and other sources of sustainable energy are stimulated?

The second statement that triggered me was: that especially developing countries as South Africa still added oil and gas to their energy mix because their growing demand can’t be matched by sustainable energy. Although other articles (African Utility week’s growth…, and “Standard chatered & Uasaid’s USD 60 …” show us the focus on sustainable energy sources in Africa. Supported by multiple articles that solar power is, world wide, the most promissig technology. And the fact that there is a lot of sun in Africa… makes a delicious opportunity for investors and entrepreneurs. Almost as delicious as my own sunny side up eggs on the sunday morning.

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