IOT powered smart home can save 10% electric power consumption

Smart home is not only about making home secure and automated, its also about saving energy by switching on and switching off of various appliances at home as per the need of home occupants using IOT enabled systems.

A smart home otherwise can be also called as automated home by using Internet of things (IoT) technology, can save 10% of electric power consumption, according to a study by U.S.-based Consumer Technology Association (CTA), which was earlier known as consumer Electronics Association, the industry body which conducts world-famous Consumer Electronics Show at Las Vegas U.S.

Home Automation Technology can switch on and switch off home appliances by monitoring temperature presence of people, and also safety-related conditions. A good example is Smart thermostats can learn when specific rooms in a home do and do not need conditioning to save energy without sacrificing comfort. When all such devices work holistically they can be even more efficient.

“This research proves the innovation consumer technology delivers into our hands and homes through the Internet of Things can significantly reduce our carbon footprint – whether that’s the household energy we use on our own or the carbon emissions our country produces,” said Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, Consumer Technology Association…

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