Is Tesla entering a new frontier?

Battery power: the next frontier. This is the mission of the company, Tesla. Its two-year mission: to build strange new cars, to seek out new life in batteries, to boldly go where no electric car has gone before.

Would you pay $35,000 for this car? It will scoot down the road from 0-60 under six seconds with an EPA rating of 215 miles. It comes standard with autopilot hardware, while seating five adults comfortably. Want storage space? It has both a front and rear trunk. It’s Tesla’s Model 3 and the company has racked up more than 325,000 reservations.

With all of these refundable deposits on a car that isn’t even in production, does it mean that electric vehicles have gone mainstream, or are we still searching the frontier for even another exceptional electric car? Actually, Tesla has transformed public opinion of electric cars from nice, but do they work, into the next high-tech, must have ride.

Tesla has many reservations, but reservations are not sales. Tesla is known for production delays. The big question is can they deliver in December 2017 as planned, or will there be delays. I believe that the company’s CEO, Elon Musk, has the slogan, “I think I can. I think I can.”…

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